Exposition de maquette des châteaux et châteaux fort du Luxembourg à l'échelle 1:100

Exposition de maquette des châteaux et châteaux fort du Luxembourg à l'échelle 1:100

Friday, 01 March 2013 Clervaux



Once upon a time ... in the era of castles and knights: the museum of scale models promises a travel through time and dimension for the whole family, for the history lover and all those with a passion for scale models! The multitude of Luxembourgish castles may be discovered in the precise scale 1:100 in an extraordinary exhibition within the new walls of the restored castle of Clervaux.

 The scale models are telling the exciting story of the Middle Ages and a city's development at that time. They explain in detail the structure of a habitat in relation to a defense strategy and a commercial motivation. Further audiovisual information completes the concept of this illustrative museum. A fascinating world for young and old opens to the public: the Middle Ages and the 21st century fit perfectly together in this unconventional and unique exhibition.


From March 1 until April 30 and from Oktober 1 until December 31: Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11 am - 6 pm.
From May 1 until September 30: from Tuesday until Sunday 11 am - 6 pm.
Closed on Monday, except on holidays.

General information


Musée des Maquettes des Châteaux Luxembourgeois /Ausstellung der Modelle der Schlösser und Burgen Luxemburgs
Château de Clervau | L-9712 Clervaux
Tél. 00352929686 | Fax. 00352929180



Adulte : 2.5 €
groupe +10 personnes et étudiants : 1.5 €

Event contact

T. 003529217451


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