06: Echternach - Beaufort

General information

Youth Hostels in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a network of 9 fully furnished youth hostels. This budget accommodation is located either in new or in thoroughly renovated buildings. Modern, spacious and fully equipped, these hostels offer quality and high levels of comfort. They are also ideal to accommodate large groups for cheap in Luxembourg. With the quality of their modern facilities and amenities housed within their premises, Luxembourg’s many youth hostels are able to host guests of all ages.

Description of the trail

The trail starts at the youth hostel near the lake. You cross Echternach and walk to the retirement home close to the bus station (sign change), where you climb to the Trooskneppchen. You follow the Sentier Maurice Cosyn through the Wollefsschlucht and Deiwelsschleff, past the Perekop to Berdorf. Across the village you come to the Raiberhiel, the Zigzagschleff and the Siweschleff, all of them spectacular rock formations. Before descending to the Ernz-Noire you can take a look on the beautiful valley of the Sauer from the viewpoint on Kaasselt. Up the two brooks Haalerbaach and Haupeschbaach you come closer and closer to Beaufort. When the castle comes into sight (sign change) you have nearly reached the youth hostel.

Useful information


Tel. +352 26 27 66 400



Distance : 18.2 km

Time : 04:30 h

Difficulty :

Type of path

From one youth hostel to another

in the surroundings

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