Local hiking trail - L5

General information

This trail mainly runs through a forest area. It starts from the town hall to the castle, including a beautiful view of Larochette. Through the forest it leads to Heisgeskräiz, assumedly the oldest wayside cross in Luxembourg. Further on, the trail runs to Camping Kengert which offers a possibility to rest and along Eisekimmerchen down to the valley. Passing the mill Uelegsmillen the trail runs back to the starting point at the town hall.

Start and arrival: Chemin J-A Zinnen, Larochette (town hall)

Useful information


Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
Fax. +352 72 75 24



Distance : 6.6 km

Time : 2 h

Difficulty :

Type of path

Rambling Routes

in the surroundings

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