Veilz, Velz, Feltz, Fels, Rupes, Roketa, La Roiche, La Rochette, Larochette - During the past 800 years of the Felser castle and town history many names an manner of writing were used. The name "Fiels" (Fels in German or Larochette in French,) appears for the first time in the Luxembourgish history around 1176 with Arnoldies de Rupe. The name Rupes (Latin = Rock = Fels in German) means the rock the castle is built on. This nice little town is located in the center of Luxemburg, at the border of a natural area called "Little Switzerland". Currently the population has reached around 1750 people and is a mixture of over 20 different nationalities. In the old days Larochette was an industrial town where mainly cloth factories and manufactories were located. Nowadays, the main industry is Tourism. Larochette has a very nice center called "Bleech" with a kiosk where during the summer months concerts, markets and other cultural manifestations are organized by the local authorities and clubs Surrounded by shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés is the Bleech also "the" place to go for a good meal or a drink on one of the beautifully located terraces around this very "picturesque" center. Take a look at the "What can I do in Larochette" to see some ideas of entertainment during your visit. Several campings, are located in the direct neighborhood. A castle, very impressively built on the rocks high above the village, is completing the surroundings. The ruins of Larochette castle are witnesses of the existence of a huge 11th century fortress. The so-called "Créhange House" has recently been completely restored. Larochette, the small town on the banks of the “White Ernz”, has been a well-known holiday resort and one of the most popular excursion centers for about a century. Its tourist importance has been favored as well by the town's historical past as by its central geographical situation. Vast forests, strange raven rocks, sunny slopes and shady valleys represent interesting and quite charming hiking grounds. (30Km of walking paths). During the summer a very impressive Night-Glow takes place after the competitions of the Luxembourg Hot Air Balloon Championship. Under the condition of favorable weather, the huge hot-air balloons are raised in the center of Larochette between the houses and hotels. From August 3rd to 13th 2000 the Hot Air Balloon European Championship took place in the area around Meysembourg only 3 Km (1.8 M) from Larochette. We have seen Take-offs of more than 120 balloons simultaneously, 22 competition flights and amazing fantasy balloons. Larochette owns a restored factory building now used as a Cultural Center. During the year local clubs can rent this facility to organize events like concerts, Balls, carnival, theater, dinner parties, Etc. Congresses can be hold here under the lead of the local hotel-owners. Relaxation and amusement are guaranteed by an all-round leisure time program: Moreover, a youth hostel and modern hotels with above average to luxurious rooms and a first rate international cuisine take good care of the guest’s well-being.


Administration communale de Larochette
33, chemin J.A. Zinnen
L-7626 Larochette
Tel: +352 83 70 38

Tourist Info Larochette
33, Chemin J.A. Zinnen
L-7626 Larochette
Tel.: +352 83 70 38
Fax: +352 87 96 46

Opening hours:
16.6.-17.8.:mo-sa: 10 - 12h & 13 - 17h
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