Spaghettisfest 2019

Spaghettisfest 2019

jeudi, 15 août 2019 22:00 EPPELDORF

Le programme

The youth club Eppelduerfer Jugend invites you to its traditional event Spaghettisfest. For over 30 years hungry people gather at the fire station of Eppeldorf on August 15th. Here we cook big spaghetti portions at midday and in the evening. After that we celebrate the gathering until late at night.

International guests are welcome!
Eppelduerfer Jugend is ready and looking forward to serve you!

Opening hours
12:00-14:00 - Spaghetti & Bar
18:00-22:00 - Spaghetti & Bar
22:00-03:00 - Bar

Pesto (Vegetarian)
Arrabiata (Vegan)

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14 Faubourg | L-9365 EPPELDORF

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