Ni Dansas pro nia malsana Pachamama by Worldmukka

Ni Dansas pro nia malsana Pachamama by Worldmukka

Freitag, 27 März 2020 22:00 BEAUFORT


The Gods accomplished their majestic dance
- How fascinating the eternity of the Universe...
The stars are floating around the milky way in a perfect harmonious sacred structure...
BUT Look! What´s wrong with mother earth
Our blue jewel has fever. She is sick.
We will come on the 27th of March to bring you our gifts, our joy and our dance. Eat our fruits und get well Pachamama.
Your children all came for you. Do not leave us alone.

Ethno Electronica Danceritual
Deephouse, Tropical, Downbeat, Ethno Electronica
by Worldmukka for Pachamama .

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3 Rue Kummel | L-6310 BEAUFORT


Doors: : 5.00 €

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