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Castles and churches

The cultural heritage of the region is marked by the numerous castles and churches.


The castles and churches of the region

In the Mullerthal Region, you can visit castles and ruins of castles and one castle that had remained practically intact since its construction.

The ancient castle of Beaufort was built between 1150 and 1650. At the beginning of the 20th century, the castle was restored and opened to the public already a year later. The Renaissance castle, next to it, was inhabited until 2012 and could be visited shortly after. After visiting the castles, do not miss to taste the Cassero!

Larochette castle stands on a rocky outcrop and towers majestically over the charming village of Larochette. The castle of Bourglinster can only be visited with a guide.

In addition to the castles, the region also offers numerous churches worth a visit. Small chapels such as "Girsterklaus", or the famous “basilica of Saint Willibrord”, known mainly because of the “dancing procession” and the tomb of Saint Willibrord, are only a few examples of religious buildings that can be discovered.

Our guides will not only show you the magnificent castles but also the other cultural and natural attractions of the region.

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