TRIFO APERO - Pugsley Buzzard

TRIFO APERO - Pugsley Buzzard

Friday, 17 July 2020 17:00 ECHTERNACH


The hippeningest, happeningest, piano mashingest hoodooman hipster of the funkological piano this side of where it’s at daddio! Big voice, chunky piano, red hot bands and sassy horns, intriguing multidimensional songs. Pugsley has played all over from New Orleans to Berlin and beyond. Come and get your very own dose of his restorative, cures all ills musical elixir.

Pugsley Buzzard (Piano)
Klaas Wendling (Bass)
Tom Lehnert (Percussion)

General information


2 Porte St. Willlibrord | L-6486 ECHTERNACH

Event contact

T. 00352 26 72 39 1


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