Dance Theatre Music

Dance Theatre Music

Friday, 28 April 2023 ECHTERNACH


Lisa - Bolero - Joy | Three musical styles, three dances.

A unique programme, with three short dance pieces.

Dance Theatre Luxembourg" offers a varied and innovative dance production in collaboration with guest choreographer and dancer Jill Crovisier.

On this evening, the audience may be inspired by three unique dance choreographies that will appeal to music lovers and dance audiences alike.

Jean-Guillaume Weis (dancer with Tanztheater Pina Bausch, Mark Morris Dance Group and Tanztheater Basel, among others) has decades of experience as a dancer, choreographer and performer at home and abroad. This will be the first time that a Luxembourg dance company "Dance Theatre Luxembourg" will present a full-length programme in this form.


In memoriam, musical works by the cellist and composer Lisa Berg (1978-2017).

Choreography: Jean-Guillaume Weis.

A tribute to the artistic work of Lisa Berg (1978-2017). Three dancers meet the compositions of the talented musician. Experience a dance creation in which poetry, emotions, love, outbursts of hope, comfort, sadness but also joy and humour will be in the foreground.

Jean-Guillaume Weis: "Lisa - is a little ode to life. When Lisa passed away, we all felt a great sadness. That moment reminded us how fragile life is. Listening to her music took on a different colour. I immediately felt the need to honour her work and create a choreography to Lisa's music."

Dancers: Anna Senognoeva, Youri de Gussem, Malcolm Sutherland

Lighting: Lutz Deppe

Stage: Trixi Weis

Production: Dance Theatre Luxembourg

Co-production: Grand Théâtre (TDVL), Danz Asbl, Ministère de la Culture


Choreography: Jean-Guillaume Weis

Jean-Guillaume Weis' creative work is based on his thirty years of experience. The choreographer reinvents himself in this choreography. In "Joy", the spectator experiences a style that is increasingly intense, refined and direct. He guides the spectator to direct his gaze towards things that are essential yet also fleeting and intangible. This creation is a form of self-expression, as a sign of the authenticity and identity of the choreographer, who has now evolved a bit in his creative process.

Dancers: Guerin Phan and Amine Miladi.

Lighting design: Lutz Deppe

Stage design: Trixi Weis

Co-production : Grand Théâtre (TDVL), Danz Asbl, Ministère de la Culture


Choreography: Jill Crovisier

The piece Bolero by Jill Crovisier is the rhythmic and very personal journey of a man who slowly finds his inner voice within himself. Compared to the circle of life, the roller skates become a symbol for the fast progress in our world, for the insecurity and instability it brings, but also for control and perseverance. The dancer will take the audience on an impressive musical journey through Maurice Ravel's work.

Dancer: William Cardoso

Lighting design: Krischan Kriesten (revival: Lutz Deppe).

Production: JC Movement

With the support of: 3 C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Théâtre Golovine Avignon, Ministère de la Culture de Luxembourg.

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TRIFOLION Echternach
Porte St. Willlibrord | L-6486 ECHTERNACH


Erwachsene Kat A. : 26 €
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