Echter' Classic : Ensemble Offrandes

Echter' Classic : Ensemble Offrandes

Friday, 11 October 2024 20:00:00 ECHTERNACH


Le deuxième Livre de Madrigaux

Music by Martin Moulin based on the poems of Dino Campana

After the First Book of Madrigals, which Martin Moulin composed in 2020-2021 for five voices a cappella based on the hallucinated poems of Dino Campana, he now deepens the work, in which body and voice participate in polyphony. Again after Campana's poems, which haunt him again and again due to their evocative power, the richness and the harshness of her language, he explores a new dimension here:the intimate (that which we reveal) and the extime (that which is not shown) intermediate world. This alternating movement, the back and forth, the saying and silence, cleverly mixes voice creation and electroacoustics.

Founded in Le Mans in 2010, the Ensemble Offrandes is a variable geometry instrumental ensemble made up of professional musicians from the region. It explores and illuminates musical modernism - from Bartók, Berg or Debussy to the works of today's composers.


Aspro preludio | Non essendovi | Al giardino | A a un tratto – version pour basse | I miei versi (1) | Dov’ero (pampa) | La luce delle stelle | Aprimmo la finestra | Dov’ero? | Duettino | L’acqua del mulino | La luce inversata | Stia | L’acqua, saltarello | E a un tratto – version pour alto | I miei versi (2) | E a un tratto – version pour ténor | Joglars | Trobadors | Il russo | L’acqua del mulino | Quiere usted mate? | Saluti


soprano: Amélie Raison

mezzo: Laura Jarrell

viola: Marine Fribourg

tenor: Ivar Hervieu

bass: Olivier Bizot

electronics: Christophe Havard

with the participation of Christophe Mileschi (Italian questions)  

Location: Salle des Glaces, Lycée Classique d'Echternach 

Duration: 120 min without break

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Lycée Classique d'Echternach
1, Ancienne Abbaye | L-6401 ECHTERNACH


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T. 00352728715209


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Friday, 11 October 2024 - 20h00