Echter' Classic : Machine à Trois

Echter' Classic : Machine à Trois

Saturday, 12 October 2024 17:00:00 ECHTERNACH



The percussive chamber music group Machine à trois (Mà3) is a performer of contemporary classical music. Composed of the unique combination of piano, marimba and vibraphone, it produces compositions in which the sounds of the struck wires, wood and metals of the three instruments intertwine as in a well-oiled machine.

The musicians introduce the audience to clean and original compositions, ranging from impressionistic soundscapes and jazz-influenced grooves to post-minimalist and experimental ideas. In addition to the music written especially for them in collaboration with other musicians and composers, their arrangements bring a new touch to existing works. Mà3 favours a thematic programme with music from the 20th and 21st centuries, showing a great admiration. 


concert program [Unlearn] with music specially composed for the trio by: Pol Belardi, Franz von Chossy, Kirke Karja, Pascal Meyer, Michel Reis, Luise Volkmann, Laurent Warnier and Rachel Xi Zhang


piano: Pascal Meyer

marimba: Rachel Xi Zhang

vibraphone: Laurent Warnier

Location: Salle des Glaces Lycée classique Echternach

Duration: 60 min without Break

With the support of: Ministry of Culture

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Lycée Classique d'Echternach
1, Ancienne Abbaye | L-6401 ECHTERNACH


From: 21€

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T. 00352728715209


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Saturday, 12 October 2024 - 17h00