Florence Sunnen & Maxime Weber

Florence Sunnen & Maxime Weber

Monday, 04 November 2024 20:00:00 Echternach


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Florence Sunnen & Maxime Weber

Reading with public discussion

Originally from Luxembourg, Florence Sunnen spent her twenties and early thirties studying in Germany and the UK before returning to Luxembourg City in 2021. Her writing explores the relationship between the self and the body, social relationships and the strangeness of trying to create an identity in a changing, unreliable environment. She has been published by Nightjar Press and Zagava and her work has appeared in Under the Radar, Datableed Zine and the Ornithologiae anthology by Egaeus Press.

Luxembourgish author and blogger Maxime Weber (born in 1993) lives and works in Berlin. His short story "Chaudron fêlé" won 1st prize at the Prix Laurence in 2016 and was published in an anthology by Editions Guy Binsfeld in 2017. His debut novel "Das Gangrän" was published in 2021.

In 2023, Maxime Weber took over the Walfer author residency together with Florence Sunnen, for which he wrote the English-language short story "Network of Souls". He is currently working on his second novel and a collection of short stories, both in English.

Moderation: Jeff Thill, Quaichleker Bichereck  

Hall: Quaicklecher Bichereck

Duration: 90 min.

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