market square with denzelt echternach

Market square with "Denzelt" Echternach

Market square with "Denzelt" Echternach

The present features of this ancient palace of justice which was built partly at the end of the 14th century go back to the restoration in the year 1444 where a big fire broke out. The “Dingstuhl” (or seat of deliberations which were held in these public halls) also included a torture room and a prison. The passage from gothic to Renaissance style can be seen on the monumental window frames. The statutes of Virgin Mary, King Salomon and the cardinal virtues had been added to the front side during restoration works in 1898. The monument itself had been restored in 1993. You leave the market square, go to Rue de la Montagne to discover big stone blocks which were erectedto commemorate 1300 years existence of the City of Echternachin 1998. You walk upstairs to the Peter and Paul church.

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Place du Marché | L-6460 Echternach

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