In the area of the Born anticlinal fold, the groundwater horizon in the red sandstone has a higher level than the Sûre river, so that springs emerge. When the Sûre is low in water a source becomes visible whose water has a high salt and iron concentration. This water was used from the 16th (1587) to the middle of the 18th century (1749) for salt extraction by grading. Grading means that the salinity of the water from such a source is increased because the water evaporates naturally by wind and sun. Thus, heating energy is saved for the subsequent boiling of the brine. In the middle of the 18th century, the saline plant was shut down. Reasons for this could have been the emerging lower degree of saturation of the source on the one hand or political reasons on the other. According to legend, even today the little salt man appears at the spring around midnight and frightens passing hikers. Those who misappropriate foreign property are particularly tormented by the salt man.
The Salzwaasserquell can be hiked via the Auto-pédestre Born.

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