09: Larochette - Echternach

General information

Description of the trail

The routes of the youth hostels lead over different hiking paths with varied signposts. When the path marking changes, a sign indicates the direction of the route. The hike starts in Larochette at the youth hostel and leads us in direction of the city centre (change of path marking). We follow the Mullerthal Trail to ‘Blummendall’ (change of path marking). We then continue on the ‘sentier du Mëllerdall’ through woods and along rock formations in direction of Kobenbour. At Kasselt (change of path marking), we follow the ‘sentier Fred Welter’ to the forest of ‘Liembierg’ (change of path marking). We then follow again the ‘sentier du Mëllerdall’ and pass the ‘Armeslee’ as well as the ‘ Daxelee’ to Scheidgen. We descent into the valley and pass through Lauterborn. We arrive at the lake of Echternach and follow the youth hostels trail to the youth hostel, located next to the lake.

Short alternatives combined with public transport

Larochette – Graulinster (approx. 12 km): we follow the tour to ‘Blummendall’. 2 km further, we leave the path (change of path marking) and hike in direction of Graulinster.
Bus 110 or 111: from the bus stop ‘Graulinster – Am Duerf’, to ‘Echternach – Nonnemillen/Lac’ (12 to 17 minutes’ drive)

Larochette –Consdorf (approx. 20 km): we follow the tour and turn to Wolper in order to arrive in Consdorf.
Bus 111 or 112: from the bus stop ‘Consdorf – Gare’ to the bus stop ‘Echternach – Nonnemillen/Lac’ (10 minutes’ drive)

Information and schedules: www.mobiliteit.lu

Useful information


45, Osterbour
L-7622 Larochette
Tel. +352 26 27 66 550



Distance : 31.4 km

Time : 08:00 h

Difficulty :

Type of path

From one youth hostel to another

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