Clean Up Days Regioun Mëllerdall



On September 19th and 20th, a clean-up campaign will take place on the region's hiking trails in the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland.

Volunteers can register with the ORT for one of the two days and thus choose a hiking trail where they can collect rubbish.

After collecting, you can bring the garbage to one of the garbage collection points set up by the nature and forest administrations.

Important: Please bring your own gloves and garbage bags. Participation is at your own risk. You also have to comply to the hygiene and distance measures.

The campaign will be tagged on social media with the hashtag #cleanupdaysmellerdall. After the clean up, you can post photos of yourselves and your garbage bags with this hashtag and thus you can win a small gift.

We look forward to these two days and thank you for your support!

You can find further information in our facebook event Clean Up Days Mëllerdall

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