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Guided tour Larochette Castle

Guided tour Larochette Castle

The castle was built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the locality of Larochette. The earliest references to the castle date back to the 11th century. Several buildings belonged to the castle including the Hombourg House (1350) and the Créhange House (1382).

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B.P. 152 | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 1 | Fax. +352 72 75 24
E-mail :


Group price: 85€
Group price information
Duration: 90 minute(s)
Individual price: 5€
Individual price information 3 € (6-16 yrs)


Type: On foot
Targets: Family, Groups, Kids, Seniors
Languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish


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