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Veilz, Velz, Feltz, Fels, Rupes, Roketa, La Roiche, La Rochette, Larochette - During the past 800 years of the Felser castle and town history many names and manner of writing were used. The name Rupes (Latin = Rock = Fels in German) means the rock the castle is built on. Currently the population has reached around 2200 people and is a mixture of over 20 different nationalities.

In the old days, Larochette was an industrial town where mainly cloth factories and manufactories were located. Nowadays, the main industry is tourism.

Larochette has a very nice center called "Bleech" with a kiosk where during the summer months concerts, markets and other cultural manifestations are organized by the local authorities and clubs. Surrounded by shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés is the Bleech also "the" place to go for a good meal or a drink on one of the beautifully located terraces around this very picturesque center.

Several campings, are located in the direct neighborhood. A castle, very impressively built on the rocks high above the village, is completing the surroundings. During the year, many events take place in Larochette: concerts, balls, carnival, theater, dinner parties, etc.