Chicken Head

Chicken Head

vendredi, 04 octobre 2019 21:00 BEAUFORT

Le programme

Concert Chicken Head & Afterparty!

Well, to the accidental tourist, you'd be forgiven for thinking Chicken Head are just another collective of musicians with nothing better to do than relieve their middle aged angst against an unsuspecting public.   

In an age of copyists, blaggards and ne’er do wells all wanting to be the next Ga-Ga/Puff Daddy, Chicken Head still remember what it actually takes to stir the soul. Classic urban blues/funk punctuated with powerful vocals, frantic funk guitar that's married to a rhythm and bass section guaranteed to get even grandma's hips moving!  

They can't cure 'jambes lourdes' or the spots on your face but if you want to see a band that has the spirit to get you 'funking out in every way', then Chicken Head are a must see. Still, if you’re convinced there's nothing better in life than a Big Mac, Justin Bieber and going to bed before midnight then I'm sure there's one of those disco type things a few streets away..


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3 Rue Kummel | L-6310 BEAUFORT


Online Presale : 7.00 €
Doors : 8.00 €

Contact pour cet événement

T. +352 83 67 86


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