The locality of Nommern, also domicile of the municipal administration, was founded by the Celts, which can be proved by some archaeological discoveries, as for example the "Lock", a rock in the shape of a mushroom and the "Aalburg", which was a refuge fort to protect against intruders. Woods with partly very old oaks and beeches invite hikers to a recreative nature walk. Along the "Seitert", ancient line of the "Jangli", the railway in use from 1882 to 1948, is now situated the hiking trail N2.

Administration communale de Nommern:
31, rue Principale
L-7465 Nommern
Tel: +352 83 73 18-1
Fax: +352 83 73 18-50

Opening hours:
Mo-We, Fr: 13.00-17.00
Thu: 8.00-12.00