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The museums and art galeries of the region

Discover the rich and varied collections.


The museums and art galeries in the region

Four of the museums in the region are located in Echternach. Not far away, in Rosport, the Tudor Museum is dedicated to electricity. Henri Owen Tudor was the inventor of lead-acid batteries.

The most famous museum in Echternach is the Abbey Museum, where facsimiles of the beautiful manuscripts made by the Benedictine monks in the Abbey can be seen. Just next to it, in the Basilica, the small Documentation Centre informs visitors about the world-famous Dancing Procession of Echternach belonging to UNESCO’S Intangible Cultural Heritage. A few minutes’ walk away is the Museum of Prehistory, also called Hihof. At the lake of Echternach, you can visit the remains of a Roman villa, discovered in 1975 and the museum on the life of the Romans.

As art gallerie, there is the ArtContainer9 at the market square of Echternach.

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