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Guided tours

Get informed about Echternach, the castles, the museums and nature.


Guided tours in the Mullerthal Region

There are a number of ways to explore the surroundings of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. You can choose from classic guided tours in Echternach or in other towns, tours of museums, castles and accompanied hike and bike tours. After prior arrangement, you can book a tour with a guide for your group (max 9 ppl), in the language of your choice.

Guided tours for individuals are offered as well, on practically every day of the week, during the season. These DISCOVER tours also figure in a leaflet of the same name. The guide accompanies even one person on a tour.

Guided visits for groups upon request are also possible.

COVID-19 rules and their application concerning guided tours

In Luxembourg, a social distance of at least two meters applies for gatherings of fewer than 10 people. If the persons do not wear a face mask, a distance of at least two meters is mandatory. The mandatory wearing of mouth and nose protection does not apply to minors under the age of 13 who are outdoors.

These rules mean for guided tours that 1 guide is needed for a group of 9 persons. If the group is larger than 9 people, a second guide must be requested. If the group stays seated in the bus all the time, the group can be larger than 9 people. However, if the group moves on foot, the rule of 1 guide per 9 people applies. Please note that fines of around € 149 per person or more can apply if these measures are not adhered to.


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