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The Mullerthal Trail with its 112 km is composed by 3 big tracks (Route 1, Route 2, Route 3). The Trail is generally accessible all year round. During the autumn and winter months, some parts can be very slippery due to the foliage or icing. We therefore recommend to wear hiking boots.

with kids

  • hike around Lake Echternach + - 3 km and flat,
  • first part of the hike at Camping Martbusch in Berdorf "Wanterbaach Sieweschloff"

Picnic- and barbecue areas

To plan your trip well in advance, you can have a look at the different picnic, barbecue and playground areas in the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. Please note that you'll need a permit from the municipality to use some of the BBQ places.




If you want to pay by PAYPAL, you must first register on the official PAYPAL website. PAYPAL is a payment service with which you can connect your credit card and ensures a secure connection: PAYPAL
If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you can also pay for our brochures and the hiking map by bank transfer. Please contact us via email info@mullerthal.lu and let us know your order. After receiving the money, we will send you the brochures. Please note that shipping by bank transfer takes a little longer, up to 7 days - if it is a foreign transfer. For faster shipping, you can also send us a copy of your transfer confirmation by email.

Hiking map

If you wish to receive the detailed regional hiking map, the costs are as follows:  € 8.20 (price of the map is 4.00 € + 4.20 € for the postal fee inside Europe).


Echternach lake

Fishing at the lake of Echternach is only allowed with a valid permit issued by the tenant. You can buy fishing licenses on the following website: https://lac-echternach.lu/boutique/

It is also possible to buy permits in various shops in Echternach and the surrounding area: https://lac-echternach.lu/verkaufsstellen/


Fishing in the Sûre is authorized between the 15th of June and the 1st of March. A fishing license is necessary, which you can get from the age of 14 online at www.guichet.lu/peche



Cimbing is allowed in the rocks of Wanterbach in Berdorf. It is restricted to the members of a climbing association, which in turn must be a member of one of the two international climbing associations UIAA or IFSC. Climbers will have to present the certificate of their membership along with their ID card to officials of the nature conservation inspection.


Climbing at the Youth Hostel Echternach

The Echternach youth hostel has a 14 m high indoor climbing wall and a boulder area. The room has a special safety floor and is freely accessible to both groups and individuals upon advance request. Four times a week a climbing session for all as well as a beginner course for adults and children are organized.


Tourism for all

A whole range of infrastructures and accommodations in the Mullerthal Region are accessible to all. The EureWelcome label for sights and accommodations certifies with particular needs that they are in good hands here. Some hiking trails and viewpoints are also accessible to all.


Horseback riding

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is a paradise for horse & rider in summer and winter! Explore the exciting and varied nature of the Mullerthal Region on four different riding routes ranging from 8 to 36 km. On the Mullerthal tour of 36 km you will ride along localities like Christnach, Medernach and Marscherwald. The Nommern tour has a length of 22 km and leads around Nommern. You can combine this tour with a small part to the west of the country, Beringen, of 8 km. If you choose the Eifeltour, which is 26 km long, you will get from Echternach to Idesheim in Germany.


If you do not own a horse, but you want to do horseback ridigng, you can contact the FLSE - Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Sports Equestres.
Tel: +352 48 49 99                Email :  info@flse.lu