Gipskaul Rosport

Gipskaul Rosport

On the slope of the "Giischterbësch" forest, gypsum was mined in the 1940s and 1950s. At that time, gypsum was transported by lorries to the foot of the hill until a railway line. The full lorries going down the hill simultaneously pulled up the empty lorries, with a braking system regulating the driving speed.

At today's “Leiteschbësch” car park, there was a separate siding for the freight wagons towards the Prinz-Heinrich-Bahn railway line, connected with the Sûre Valley. At this spot, a board provides information about the history of the gypsum gallery.

Formerly, the Carrières de Gypse de Rosport company, which temporarily employed around 40 workers, sent 8-11 wagons of gypsum stones to Belgium and Holland every day.

The slope consists of clayey marl layers in which there are many layers of gypsum. They were formed in the Middel Triasic, when the region was covered by a sea. The former gallery now serves as a winter quarters for bats and is in danger of collapsing. It is therefore strictly forbidden to enter it.

The former loading area is located directly on the national bike path PC 3.

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