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Natura 2000 area - Valley of the Black Ernz

Natura 2000 area - Valley of the Black Ernz

The Natura 2000 area "Vallée de l’Ernz Noire - Beaufort / Berdorf" is located in the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, which bears its name among other things from the sandstone formations. The area is 4,200 hectares large and, due to the different locations and the climate, has a very high diversity of flora and fauna. In this area there are different protected habitats such as the swamp birch forest in the “Elteschmuer”, various sources of tufa and floodplain and forests.

If you are interested in flora and fauna, you can admire rare orchid species in Graulinster, on the Groknapp and in Eppeldorf, on the Hossebierg.

The sandstone rock formations are particularly typical of the region. These are home to many different animal species, such as peregrine falcons and eagle owls. There are also many different plants in the rock walls, such as the thin fern.

Many bats live in the region's beech forests. In the area of the Black Ernz and Sûre you can admire orchards and flat meadows. Here the black stork is at home as well as the crest hole, which lives in still waters. The water that comes from the springs below the sandstone cliffs has an extraordinarily good drinking water quality. There are also many streams and rivers in the region.

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