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Local hiking trail - B2

General information

The local path B2 is a hike with an adventure guarantee for the whole family. After just a few meters you will reach the romantic canyon of Ruetsbech. Sporty hikers and those looking for an adventurous kick should absolutely roam the mysterious Ruetsbechschlëff, explore the Raiberhiel cave and climb up the iron ladder to Adlerhorst! An ascent to the beautiful viewpoints Ruetsbechplateau and Däiwelsinsel is absolutely recommended. All these unique sights are set on a barely two-hectare large area. And yet you can indulge in a long exploration tour in a fairytale setting. The itinerary crosses an old Roman road, follows the narrow path along the rocky outcropping and, after about 600 m, flows into the Wanterbaach climbing area with the famous Siweschlëff at the end. The passage through the „Schlüff“ and the ascent to the viewpoint is an absolute must!

From Kaasselt, B2 runs along an almost flat forest path back to the leisure center Martbusch.

Start and arrival: Martbusch Leisure Center

Closest bus stop: Berduerf, Duerfplaz (800 m)
Closest parking lot: Camping Martbusch (50 m)


Useful information


3, Beim Maartbesch
L-6552 Berdorf
Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
Fax. +352 72 75 24

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Distance : 4.2 km

Time : 02:00 h

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Type of path

Local trail

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