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Mullerthal Trail ExtraTour D

General information

The Mullerthal Trail offers four smaller tracks - the ExtraTours - which can also be characterized as very attractive hiking tracks. They can be considered as departures as well as additional tours when all the other hikes have been undertaken already.

The ExtraTour D connects the Mullerthal region to the Grünewald, a forest near the capital, where a connection to further hiking networks is possible.

The start is in the cobbled village of Bourglinster at the beautiful castle. From there, after Altlinster and Schleifmillen, you pass the rock formations of the prehistoric place of worship called Häerdcheslay. Through a beautiful mixed forest with a pond, you arrive at Blumenthal (connection to the Mullerthal Trail Route 3), you pass the striking TV towers and get to Junglinster. From here, after having made 18.5 km, you can make a shortcut to get back to Bourglinster. From Junglinster, the tour runs through beautiful forest trails of the "Grand Ducal gate", a private forest belonging to the Grand Ducal family, 500 ha big, which is open to the public since 2009.

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Distance : 31.5 km

Time : 10:00 h

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Mullerthal Trail

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