Local hiking trail - C4

Local hiking trail - C4

This tour offers both geological and historical highlights, which are very interesting even for those who don't like history!

This hiking trail makes you dive into the fascinating rocky landscape of Consdorf. There are also some historical features to be seen along the way.

At the departure, a bomb excavated on the outskirts of the village is reminiscent of the horrors of  World War II.

On your way, you will also come accross the symbol of Luxembourg - the red lion.

The hiking trail leads over large parts through the forest and through the fascinating rock world of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. There is a number of steps that take you down to the valley of "Ponteschgrënnchen". Shortly before the village of Scheidgen, the path takes you back up to the plateau and leads to Consdorf. 

General information


Consdorf: Rue Dielchen (Op der Gare)


B.P. 152 | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
E-mail : info@mullerthal.lu


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Departure : Consdorf: Rue Dielchen (Op der Gare)

Arrival : Consdorf: Rue Dielchen (Op der Gare)

Parking : Closest parking lot: Consdorf Gare (on site)  

Distance : 6,7 km

Time : 01h50

Difficulty :


The starting point of this circular trail is the former train station Op der Gare, at the end of the Route de Luxembourg in Consdorf.

You can see here monument of a disarmed, mounted aircraft bomb from the Second World War which was found at the edge of the village. First, the trail leads over an asphalted road to the romantic valley called Dielchen and then continues through a shadowy forest past the rock formation Dachselee, named after a badger’s hole that was found there.

Down on many stairs, you will reach the valley of Ponteschgrënnchen. You then head towards the village Scheidgen, past the Roude-Léiw rock formation, a patriotic site which commemorates the 1939 celebrations of the centenary of the Grand Duchy’s independence.

In Ponteschgronn a board commemorates Fred Welter (1921-1973), a  pioneer in tourism living in the village of Scheidgen.

The next part of the trails leads over the cycle path between Echternach and Luxembourg, to the centre of Consdorf. After crossing picturesque alleys and are partially crossing the village, you get back to your starting point. An information panel tells you the story of the former railway Charly running between 1904 and 1954.

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