Local hiking trail - R7

Local hiking trail - R7

This hike reveals the two sides of the Hëlt: the wet, rocky north side with fascinating rock formations and the sun-warmed south side where vines and orchids grow.

The "Hëlt" is high above the valley of the Sûre and  surrounded by water on all sides. This varied hike leads around the Hëlt and up to almost the highest point.

From the starting point on the Sûre, you walk up an enchanted forest next to spectacular dolomite rock formations. Legend has that a white woman lives in a crevice called "Kimmhäischen" and sometimes appears in Hëlt territory.

Later on, you walk on the south side along vineyards with traditional dry stone walls and over blooming orchid terraces. The hike offers beautiful views of the valley of the Sûre, especially from the pavilion near the highest point of the Hëlt. The first part of the way requires sure-footedness.

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Rosport: Rue du Barrage (Parking area near the lake)


B.P. 152 | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 - 1
E-mail : info@mullerthal.lu


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Departure : Rosport: Rue du Barrage (Parking area near the lake)

Arrival : Rosport: Rue du Barrage (Parking area near the lake)

Parking : Parking Sauerpark

Distance : 3,5 km

Time : 01h05

Difficulty :

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