Local hiking trail - R9

Local hiking trail - R9

This hiking trail takes you to four rememberance points of World War II in Osweiler and the surrounding area.

In autumn 1944, Luxembourg was nearly entirely liberated from the Nazi occupant by the allied armies. However the allied armies were forced to stop at the « Siegfried line» and Osweiler suddenly became a front village.                        

You can see 4 memorial points of World War 2 in Osweiler:

  • A panel on the outside wall of the school in honor of the American soldiers who kept their position in the front sector Osweiler – Dickweiler during the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Memorial „um Schänkebierg“ in honor of the American soldiers who liberated Osweiler on 13th September 1944.
  • Monument in the forest called « Grussebësch » for all the families who got evacuated in 1944.
  • A relief inside the local church in memorial of the 10 men from Osweiler who died during World War 2 (in a concentration camp, or on the eastern front or during imprisonment in Russia after having been enrolled by force in the German army).

You mainly walk along fields and enjoy wide views over the plateau.

General information


Osweiler: Rue de l'école


B.P. 152 | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
E-mail : info@mullerthal.lu


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Departure : Osweiler: Rue de l'école

Arrival : Osweiler: Rue de l'école

Parking : Few parking spaces.

Distance : 8,9 km

Time : 02h25

Difficulty :

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