Ramborn Cider Co.

Ramborn Cider Co.

Ramborn Cider Haff: Traditional cider and juices

Apples from meadow orchards are turned into delicious cider: Luxembourg has a tradition of cider-making, but for many years it was forgot ten. The three founders of Ramborn Cider Haff aim to revive that tradition on their modern, renovated farm. Working with growers in the surrounding area, they use over 100 different apple varieties to make ciders that sometimes have unexpected flavours like vanilla or rum, and that have won several international prizes. The apples, pears and quince come from local orchards and are pressed on site; the various ciders, juices and sodas are available for visitors to taste and purchase. You can tour the cider farm and its meadow orchards.

Shop opening hours:
Our shop and visitor centre is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 14:00-18:00, or by appointment. Closed until mid February due to renovations

Tours by reservation:
18 € per person, includes guided cider tasting (non-alcoholic 10 €). 
Tours last approximately 90 minutes.
Only tasting : 10 €

General information


23, Duerfstrooss | L-6660 Born

Tel. +352 26 72 92 04
E-mail : info@ramborn.com


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  • Guided tour (discount 30%) with the LuxembourgCard
  • 30%

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