S4 Mullerthal X-treme

S4 Mullerthal X-treme

The name of this tour, which starts in Echternach, comes from the numerous uphill and downhill passages that make it extremely challenging and interesting. At over 100 km, you will get an elevation gain of almost 2.000 m, which corresponds to an average of nearly 200 m every 10 km. Due to these intense and compact climbs, the tour is extremely demanding. 8 more or less important uphill passages have to be overcome. The steepest climb of 16% is reached at km 73 and leads from the Valley of the Sûre in Born up to Boursdorf. This tour is definitely recommended for well-trained cyclists only.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz

General information


Echternach: Rue de la Gare


B.P. 152 | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
E-mail : info@mullerthal.lu


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Departure : Echternach: Rue de la Gare

Arrival : Echternach: Rue de la Gare

Parking : Free parking at the car park in "Rue Bénédictins" in Echternach and at Lake Echternach. Parking in Echternach city centre is mostly limited to two hours parking.

Distance : 99,3 km

Time : 07h00

Difficulty :

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