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Echternach is Luxembourg's eldest town and counts more or less 5.600 inhabitants. It has been founded in 698 by the Irish monk Willibrord and is today the touristic and economic centre of the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. History has left numerous architectural leavings behind, which are abundantly documented on a cultural walk through the town and in 5 museums. To this count amongst others the Roman villa, the Romanic Basilika, leftovers of the medieval town wall with 8 towers, the imposing Baroque Benedictine abbey with its museum, the market square with its gothic town hall, the municipal park with Rococo pavilion.

The renowned Hopping Procession, which was admitted to the UNESCO immaterial cultural heritage at the end of 2010, takes place every year on Whit Tuesday. The city has a lot to offer its visitors: a festival Echterlive (July), a jazzfestival (September), 10 hotels, 2 camping grounds, a pedestrian area with restaurants and terraces, the Trifolion (the cultural-, touristic- and congresscenter) and especially the recreation center with lake, Roman villa, youth hostel with climbing wall and “Adventure Island”, house of nature and Bike-Park.

The many hiking paths (Echternach is situated on the initial point of 2 Mullerthal Trail Routes) through the bizarre rocky landscape of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland are especially recommended.